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Air Duct Cleaning

At Quadraco, we utilize a mix of robotic and manual cleaning techniques to ensure maximum results and total client satisfaction...

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Kitchen duct cleaning is at the heart of our offerings. Our cleaning process includes complete kitchen extraction system cleaning, blower assembly unit cleaning, grills and register cleaning...


Delivering excellence

For more than a decade I've been a part of this industry and have on the way collected insight that few others have managed to apply. Quadraco is a testament to this promise of quality, integrity, and execution to the highest level of excellence.

At Quadraco no project is too big or menial. Each site passes through the same intense level of scrutiny to ensure that the client receives a service that is memorable and worthy of a recommendation.

Why Choose Us?

Risk Management

We provide globally recognized training and qualification to our technicians as well as supervisors.

High Quality Execution

We’re focused on dynamic techniques that aim to provide quality AMC's to every Industry.

Team of Professionals

Well trained staff accompanied by technicians who are professionals in their fields.

Live Tracking

Daily summarized updates of the on-ground site, delivered straight to your mobile phone.

Uniformed Technicians

All of our technicians are well versed in the task of cleaning and hygiene. Not only that, they also ensure that they embody the principles of cleanliness and hygiene.

We are Passionate

We are proud of our process and systems which exhibit a proven track record. This further motivates us to work harder and go farther.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use a blend of robotic and mechanical equipment along with the latest development in technology in the field of cleaning and disinfection.

Process and Planning backed

We are 'process' depended, not people dependent. This ensures that any ups and downs in the internal lives of the workforce do not affect project completion.

24x7 Support

No matter what the time is. If the client seek immediate attention we are more than happy to help.


We are here for the long haul. Everything about us right from our equipment to our professionals is aligned with the goal of accelerated yet sustainable growth.

Shortest Turn-Around-Time

Our professional technicians ensure that the job is done to the highest standards that too in record time.

Zero Stress service

One of our foremost goals is to ensure that the entire service is started and finished with such swiftness that the client faces zero stress what-so-ever.


60+ repeat clients pan India, Process and procedure dependent, A decade worth of experience, Strong, qualified, professional labour force, maximum automation of processes.

Labour Force


THE hospitality AMC industry

Latest Projects

Office Space Air Duct Cleaning

A complete job to clean and service the entire central air duct work of the vicinity.

Robotic Air Duct cleaning

Automated and complete cleaning with the help of robotic cleaning agent.

Kitchen Duct cleaning

Servicing and 360 cleaning of Kitchen hood for 5 start hotel on immediate basis just in time for the audit.

HVAC Duct cleaning

HVAC cleaning job for an upscale restaurant.

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