About Us

Our top-level team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs who know how to find the problem and fix it with utmost efficiency.

Salim Kazi

Business Head

Anas Khan

Key Accounts Manager

Our Mission

For year now AMC's have always been about executing projects in a labor intensive way. Our mission at Quadraco is to take our rich experience of the industry and revolutionize it with our streamlined process architecture. With Quadraco, your AMCs will never remain the same.


Operating under the same name, Quadraco is a division under ‘IN-Turn Design and Build’ that undertakes AMCs such as Kitchen duct cleaning and Air duct cleaning. The parent company undertakes complete turnkey solutions for a variety of industries. It has its presence throughout Asia-pacific as well as the middle east.

The Quadraco way

Quadraco is one of India’s top Kitchen duct cleaning and Air duct cleaning service providers. With it’s proven track record and glistening clientele, its actual service performance sets a standard for the industry. This commitment to quality and excellence is seen throughout the company. We make use of the latest technology in Kitchen duct cleaning and air duct cleaning to ensure strenuous cleansing, this, in turn, ensures 100% client satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on our project management and process flow which is fully digitized. This keeps us on track and up to date with our on-ground team, no matter if they are 5 or 500 kilometres away from the project management office.

For most of the clients, their reputation is at stake when referring to the status of their kitchen duct, air duct and HVAC systems. Our operations team of highly trained uniformed professionals keep the ball rolling and make sure that deadlines are met, often completing projects ahead of time and benefiting our clients both in terms of time schedules as well as emergency audits.

At Quadraco, we understand that one shoe does not fit all hence we provide a tailor-made service programme succinct to the needs of the clients. Every project goes through an ‘In-person survey – Expert analysis – Live tracking – Professional certification’ flow before the site is handed back to the client.

Our team of seasoned professions ensure highest quality customer interaction. You may call us at any time of the day and we shall be ready to help you. This attitude is at the core of Quadraco. Our goal as a partner to you is to ensure that when doing business with us, you experience the highest level of customer satisfaction while also ensuring that the job is done to such a level that it surpasses expectations. This is Quadraco.

If you still want to know more or just desire to speak to us directly, feel free to ring us up at +91 9146 65432 or drop us a mail at hello@quadraco.com



Founded as a division under
Inturn Design & Build that undertakes complete AMC projects.



Kitchen duct cleaning, Air duct cleaning, HVAC cleaning and many more projects.



Our Client Feedback System ensures that any grievances are addressed at the earliest. It is the key to our happy clients.