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Whether you are going through a divorce, were injured in an accident, were charged with a crime, are immigrating to the United Kingdom, or need to file for bankruptcy, A & T Law Firm can help. 
Mr. Peter has assembled experienced attorneys under one roof so that his clients need not search for a new attorney each time they need help.

Our Philosophy

Attorneys that take every case to trial or never go to trial are not serving their client's interests. Representing clients is about understanding the client as an individual and tailoring the representation to achieve the client's goals. It is about listening to the client, knowing the law, and applying the strategy best suited to reach that client's goals. Jerry S. Norman is the founder of the A & T Law Firm. Mr Peter began his legal career in 1982 and has been successfully representing clients for over 28 years. Mr Peter has a team of experienced attorneys achieving positive results for their clients.

Mr Peter takes an aggressive yet down-to-earth approach. His directness and honesty ensure that his clients can always expect to hear the truth about their case. Mr Peter does everything possible to protect his clients' legal rights.

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