Our Project Process

Project Survey

A typical Kitchen Duct Cleaning or Air Duct Cleaning project starts with a professional survey of the site. Our expert visits the client's property and collects detailed and articulated data with regard to the project at hand. In the case of a KDC (Kitchen Duct Cleaning) project, the expert makes detailed notes and even takes pictures that detail the layout and dimensions of the various parts of the extraction system. In certain cases (mostly with Air Duct Cleaning projects) the ducting layout of the entire floor/property is also asked for. Once all the necessary information is collected, the representative then makes a final note and/or comments with regard to the proposed technique to be used. The details are then sent off to the head office for inspection and analysis.

Quotation and On-boarding

All the details are chalked out and an estimate is made ready a preliminary quotation is then sent to the client by E-mail. Once approved and agreed upon by the client, the project preparation starts in earnest. The schedule of the project I.E. Date of Initiation and Date of completion is also fixed. All logistical requirements are fulfiled and the on-ground team is forth on the client's property.

On arrival, the team is asked to start the job at the earliest once all the statutory requirements are met. The team then executes on the preplanned areas and sends live updates back to the head office.
Meanwhile, at the head office, our IT team maintains constant contact with the on-ground team in taking updates and communicating any changes in the schedule if there comes any such requirement. The same is also intimated to the client without delay.

Off-boarding and ASP fulfilment

Once the on-ground team intimates that the project is to come to completion, the team at the head office starts the putting together the ASP (After Service Package). In the meanwhile, an expert from our team inspects the level and standard of the job completed sometimes in person and sometimes digitally. Only after this final approval is the team allowed to call it a day and leave the site.

Once the approval is received the on-ground team hands over the site to the client and moves out of the property.

With all the details in place and prerequisites met, the operations head then sends off the hard copy as well as the soft copy of the ASP to the respective clients by courier/E-mail and the tracking ID is shared with the clients as well.

Final Procedures

In case you are wondering, ASP stands for After Service Package and it consists of the following:
1. Billing Invoice
2. Certificate of Cleanliness
3. PPT Presentation
4. Stickers
5. JCR (Job Completion Report)
Finally, one of our customer representatives phone calls the clients and asks for an honest feedback. Through this, she makes an emotion-rich note of their 'Quadraco Experience'. This concludes the Quadraco Process.