Our Services

For us, every project and program is an opportunity to innovate and find better ways to deliver value. Such value that is present throughout all our service offerings.

Full Service Offering

Our service offering is just as varied as the industries we cater to. Our most prominent offerings at the moment include kitchen duct cleaning and air duct cleaning along with complete HVAC cleaning.

Air duct cleaning and maintenance.

Under our Air duct cleaning program, the ducts are cleaned by a mix of manual and robotic techniques. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimum waste of resources and time both of which are essential to our clients.
Once the job is complete, our experts inspect the site and only after their approval is the site given the Certification of Cleanliness.
The ASP (After Service Package) is then mailed to the client at the earliest.

Kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleaning

Our full-service kitchen duct cleaning program includes- Extraction duct cleaning, Blower fan cleaning, Filter cleaning, Collection of debris and dust. Which finally culminates into proof of cleanliness PPT document and Certificate of Cleanliness.
Finally, the soft copy, as well as the hard copy of the ASP (After Service Package), is duly mailed to the client.

Our Stats

Our approach is to ensure that we deliver irreplaceable value to our clients. To us, our clients are partners who share our growth. We believe that we as a company are only as successful as the value we deliver to our clients. Every duct we service, no matter big or small, is a testament to our commitment to quality.